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  • Te Whaiti Rah
    2 hours 11 minutes ago

    Epic day on the harbour. always choice rolling with the oddysey brothers. Had a practice powhiri on Quail island and a mean kai. In regards to the waka paddle you can notice when theres a weak point in the waka as it glides alot slower. Kept paddling on.
    Wakes me up cause its like life. You have a weak spot it will weigh you down.

    Diiiii Haaa

  • Shane_Alexander
    16 hours 41 minutes ago

    mean as fudge down,, quail island was on key today its what i needed and to top it of a couple laps at the pools then a quick cool down in the theropy pool thanks hwt chuuurrrr!!!

  • Luke
    18 hours 16 minutes ago

    churr massive day today run,waka and swim tautoko to odessey house brothers and Maree solieetty uso's.

  • KanaTPC7
    23 hours 38 minutes ago

    Proverbs 29:11
    Fools give full vent to their rage,
    but the wise bring calm in the end.

  • David
    23 hours 46 minutes ago

    kia ora whanau cheers for the the invite to the group cheers

    He Waka Tapu u are always welcome here .. a place to share life and get some awesome awhi and tautoko ... no matter what!
    16 hours 26 minutes ago
  • Kierant
    23 hours 56 minutes ago

    kia ora, thank you for welcoming me in the group

    He Waka Tapu thank you for joining we are glad u are here .. I look forward to reading your journey .. good bad and ugly (if any)
    16 hours 27 minutes ago
  • Awhi

    Attract what you EXPECT
    Reflect what you DESIRE
    Become what you RESPECT
    Mirror what you ADMIRE

    Happy Friday Everyone!!!!

  • Luke

    Churr ALLGOOD HERE thankyou Dawn and Lisia Im off home next week yay yay the whare is looking nice allright and also my proby they all believe in me.Shot HWT team. - feeling excited

    Fullon Yay home.... I'm excited for you..
    14 hours 48 minutes ago
  • moana

    had great news today get to spend my respite care with family next week for four days before i start the next roll over at he waka gratefull to a few people there for making this happen am so happy right now,as been missing my family alot this week.i will be lapping up every moment and every second i get to spend with them,as its gonna be another four weeks till i will see them again.gonna miss everyone in the house next week once there gone onto there next journeys throughout there lives and wish them all well and thank them all for being part of my journey you guys rock.

    Fullon Awesome news... ka Mau Te Wehi Moana
    14 hours 47 minutes ago
  • Tam

    In times of pressure I tend to slow down. This helps to be my safety switch. Kia ora to everyone

    Lisia yes stop think action works a treat. keep up the good mahi Tam
  • Debz has changed their profile cover.


    paddy bless man for his right to take?????, we be hundy out there today, wairua in tapu, tipuna guide thy waka,warrior mode fetu hard,afi to oddysey and himona,
  • Debz uploaded a new avatar.
  • Debz

    First visit today and the positive vibes were exciting and made me feel hopeful for the first time!! So glad my journey led me here

    walkthenrun nau mai haere mai - welcome Debz!
  • Shane_Alexander

    feeling as good as a monkey eating a banna today but enjoying life as it comes anyway,,

    Luke keep smiling Whitu
  • hunter

    well made my way back to the computer just wondering whats going on in the minds of the whanau with only a week to go in mauriora will you all go to safe places? dnt know if you are all stil there I spose I will find out on the 1st of sep lol looking forward to seeing what you have all learnt

    Fullon Nice to hear from you Hunter... catchup at Wehenga
    Mauri Ora
  • Te Ahuru Mowai
    2 days ago

    Ata marie whanau another beautiful day in Otautahi , day 16 on a 30 day hikoi to strengthen my whare tapa wha, setting daily goals and following through with them is the key for me. we cant control those around us but we can control our thoughts and actions.. Discipline and consistency is what I need to keep doing to stay on course by sorting myself out makes me a better person for those around me. For today I am the best I can be.. hope you all have a great day whanau, whatever your journey may you get that one step closer to achieving your goals. Mauriora

    Fullon Nice blog... Mauri Ora
  • dave21
    2 days ago

    gee some days i wake up sad missing my mum,i mean we wernt close because of my terrible childhood,but she was still my mum n i loved her,some days i cry for her n the terrible life she also had,,,rest in eternal peace mum,,i know you didnt realise it but i really did love you,,i just didnt know how to show sorry mum x

    Fullon Aroha Nui dave21
  • dave21
    2 days ago

    morena whanau hava brilliant day in paradise...

    He Waka Tapu whats your paradise Dave?
  • paddy
    2 days ago

    thanks to marie for showing me true respect and reinstilling faith in trusting in the process afi to you for real aroha and wairua and showing tika and pono in motion too much maree ,massive human soal,we could all learn something from your grace,ka kite

    Fullon Ka pai Paddy... you showed me respect... and in turn ill absolutely give u respect
    Mauri Ora Paddy
  • Te Whaiti Rah
    2 days ago

    Powhiri prep today.. Got told that I smile hard out when doing my mihi lol. I think the tools that I came here to Sharpen are not so blunt anymore Plus i'm proud as KAHUNGUNU hard!!! Whare tapa wha In check.

    Luke take it easy mate


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