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  • Carina

    kia ora whanau.. another awesome day in triple tt today, got to watch one the bros graduate today and of course the feed was tumeke... Can't wait for nesxt week.. hope everyone has a awesome weekend.. - feeling blessed

  • Te Whaiti Rah

    I got the job !!! Scaffie for life

    Damo Awesome Rah. Your doing great bro.
    20 hours ago
  • Sachi

    Have a awesome weekend everyone!!! Remember its daylight savings and we have to turn our clocks a hour FORWARD on saturday night

  • Don worry

    Kia ora whanau well I graduated triple t today an had a awsome day with the group in triple t Matiu finally got his kfc haha but iv come a long way an I have my self to thank but most importantly the team at he waka tapu you guys have been awsome so thank yous very much for the support on my journey and thanks to those in my group for you support to I still have a long way to go but I'm getting there bring on maori ora. much love an every one have a awsome afternoon thanks.. if I'm right my picture will be on the office screen lol

    Damo Congrats bro. Where was my kfc ha. Anyways you have great support around you bro..make the most of it.
    19 hours 56 minutes ago
  • Don worry shared a photo.
  • walkthenrun
    2 days ago

    You may be a father or mother of a daughter....I came across this article - thought you might like.

    In reality, the more likely destructive influence on an adolescent girl’s day to day life is the damage they do to one another in their friendship groups…Relational aggression.
    Relational aggression is the psychologist’s name for what the rest of us call ‘mean girls’ behaviour, or straight up ‘bitchiness’. It is a pattern of behaviour typically played out by school age girls, but it is not exclusive to them. In fact, where do they learn it if not from their adult role models? Adults are just more subtle about it.
    Chances are, you’ve experienced relational aggression. You know it when it happens to you. It’s an emotional slap in the face and you often feel a sense of shame and confusion. What distinguishes relational aggression from just being mean, is that it focuses on damaging a person’s sense of social place. I see it as using relationships as weapons.
    Relational aggression may include:
    The silent treatment
    Belittling (Often hidden behind the expression ‘just joking’)
    Conditional friendship
    The first four are self-explanatory, but ‘conditional friendship’ is more difficult. The child knows there are unspoken rules about behaviour and ‘going along’ with the group. It is why many lovely girls behave very poorly. Inclusion is incredibly important to their developing psyche and they will do anything to remain within the inner circle.
    Relational aggression is about power and exclusion and it can be very destructive. It has nothing to do with friendship, yet many people see it as a normal aspect of young girls’ relationships. It has become normalised and it shouldn’t be. The terminology around it is often softened. It is referred to in schools as ‘friendship issues’, and in society we say things like, “That’s just girls”.
    Why does it happen?

    Part of being an adolescent is finding your place in social networks. Your peers become incredibly important and there is less focus on parents and significant adults. As a result, impressing and belonging become very important. Traditionally boys have achieved this pecking order with physical strength and humour. Girls use their communication and interpersonal skills.
    Girls learn from a very young age that when you create exclusion you create inclusion.

    Dlocks nomore Shot Sachi, your teaching your daughters to have a healthy sense of self without arrogance...awsum role modelling
    yesterday 1
  • TepouAroha
    2 days ago

    The gift to be able to forgive is one of the many things being clean in recovery and connected to God that I have been hope is that you will receive this to...although sometimes its not easy and not always instant my heart is lighter because of the ability to forgive.
    Kia Kaha and love to all on the Journey today.

    Dlocks nomore good insight on self TepouAroha
  • Te Ahuru Mowai
    3 days ago

    Kia ora Whanau hope you are all keeping warm on this cold Chch day.. My last post was about my luck in seeing a grandaddy tuna and that too me was a tohu (sign) well two days later i got a phone call that a whanaunga had passed away, immediatly my thoughts went to the tuna that maybe that was the sign?!? well wether that was what the tuna represented or not i still feel blessed that the tuna let me see it..have been away for the last week with the tangi and also an unveiling and like in most cases those kaupapa brought a lot of people together that have not seen each other in years.. As always the korero came up that we neeed to make plans to get together again on a good kaupapa (always happens lol) Well these days technology has made things so easy to keep contact with loved ones and where ther may be raruraru (ill feeling) its also a safe way to recconect. Life is too short, especially at my age it goes too quick lol..
    This is my wero (challange) to you today whanau to make contact with some one you havent heard from in a long time or may have a raru with and touch base, make ammends, let go.. of course if it is safe and you want that person in your life.. Well whanau hope you have a blessed day, Mauriora !!

    Rols wise panui bro , life is too short so do connect with your whanau now I agree totally aroha mai bro
    2 days ago
  • delicatepetal
    3 days ago

    morena whanau went for my 3km walk the morning & this morn brother jimmy was with me it was awesome walking and sharing with i had a primo sleep last night and i got my 30 day tag at the meeting they asked me to share the topic was on anger fancy that i reckon god may have had a hand in that haha anyway i also enjoyed the other sharing it showed me how others deal with anger also that i can get thru it in a postive way i also had a primo korero with brother tuhi i love you bro your really an inspiriation to me thinking of you today sending big love and hugs to you bro xx

    Dlocks nomore 30 days...shot DP...
  • TE.A mrgood383
    3 days ago

    how u doing babe i miss u an luv u heaps hope everything is algd with u, the kids an my house lol take care an give the kids big kisses an cuddles from mummy xoxoxox

  • TuhuruTainui
    3 days ago

    im making good changes that i am getting here on the program that i will all ways have to carry me in to the future thanks for all the support. Whanau it will all ways be remembered

    walkthenrun you doing good bro!
    2 days ago
  • delicatepetal
    3 days ago

    kiaora whanau well ive had a good day didnt go for a walk this morning i slept in and ive been really tired today so today just doing my mahi and resting and thats ok with me this morning i did pray though for the first time in a long long time i prayed for help to walk in his will and to help me to stop walking in ism(i self & me) i am also trying to think before i speak (is what im going to say going to help or hurt the person) i spoke to my mum tonight she good and happy i still here i told her im good and im getting stronger within myself she stoked for me.Thats something else new talking with my mum about how im feeling within im hoping to spend time with her on our weekend leave that going to be good and a time for me to be able to tell her how much she means to me will be scarry for me( face everything and recover) looking forward to getting my 30 day tag at tonights meeting whoop whoop pomare whanau xx

    Rols Kei te pai DP what a life change for you love seeing your positive words on the blog. Keep up the karakia and connecting with God that will bring fresh hope for you
    2 days ago
  • ed
    4 days ago

    another day in paradise

    Rols ae it is every day is, tis better than the alternative
    2 days ago
  • TepouAroha
    4 days ago

    It starts with a thought, ....then it becomes a action......then add the Rangatiratanga (determination).... add some grace of God....eventually you will look over your shoulder and see your no longer where you used to be......That's reovery

    Rols great bro , that's the way it is
    2 days ago
  • VinnyRam
    4 days ago


    Rols what can you put into practice VinnyRam ?i
    2 days ago
  • TuhuruTainui
    4 days ago

    made a plan for the day like shchi seed to do it,s working so far went or a run and did a circuit and shadow boxing and eating good food and drinking heps of water.

    Rols kei te pai TT well done healthy a lifestyle is half of the battle kia kaha
    2 days ago
  • Awhi
    4 days ago

    A vital part of our health and well-being - SLEEP!

    I can tell you as a mama of 3 little ones i NEED to make sure I get enough of this!! lol
    Did you know that if you sleep well for an average of 8 hours each night, you are HALF as likely to become depressed as people who do not? Isnt that an incredible statistic??

    Here are some tips on how to improve your sleep habits:
    - Eat dinner early
    - go to bed at the same time each night
    - reduce caffeine, sugar and fizzy before bed
    -have a hot bath
    -make sure the room is dark
    -tense and relax your muscles
    -pray before you hop into bed

    The stink things that happen when we dont sleep properly are fatigue and mood swings while weakening our immune systems and stamina. This absolutely impacts on our mental health because our mind doesnt have enough time to 'switch off' and be rejuvenated!

    So main point of all of this: Getting enough sleep is vital to our mental health and well-being!


    Rols wow great list, so true love the karakia part too, being grateful for the day
    2 days ago
  • delicatepetal
    4 days ago

    well the day started really well then i reverted back to old behaviours and was going to walk out of the programme today somehow though i managed to step back from what i was feeling which was anger and for the first time i breathed thru it and thought about what i was going to lose which was my calmness peace of mind and my hope and belief in myself that i have at regular parts of my day today as i sit and reflect over the whole experience of that moment today im really blown away by the way it all panned out it has shown me that by doing things differently i get different outcomes,im really proud of myself tonight i never thought i would be in the space i am right at this moment it feels really good whoop whoop i really loved that post you put up rols that said first ill do whats expected then ill do whats neccassary and suddenly im doing the impossible its been a really good encouragement for me and i feel like today i did a wee bit of what once impossible for me never thought that was possible im going to keep fighting for my recovery because today i believe im worth it and im bigger than my addication thanks to all of you kaimahi that have continually supported me and loved me thru all of my tantrums blow outs and relapses im finally getting real with myself and things are changing for me and thank you to all the whanau that blogg your experiences and hopes you share show me im never alone thank you have a fantastic night going to finish my night with a meeting this dp going to sleep gratfully and contented in my bed in the whare tehei mauriora xx

    Rols well done DP you are great at verbalising your thoughts and feelings keep them coming as you will be able to reflect on where you are at and what you need to do to get to the next stage of your hikoi kia kaha
    2 days ago
  • bexandwill
    4 days ago

    sad day today my last day of nga ara tika thank u so much to lisia for tutoring us i have really enjoyed my course and thank to u to debbie and aimee for sitting in with us
    all u guys r awesome iv made alot of changes since doing the wahine course so am hoping to use the resourses iv learnt to continue my journey of being anger free ........... - feeling sad

    Rols well done , keep up the great learnings and always keep in touch that will help you stay connected
    2 days ago
  • purplegnome
    4 days ago

    sad day.......last day for my group at the waka. met awesome people on my journey. friends and family for life.
    Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the waka family. have had a great travel and will miss my new famiy. Again thank you so much. pssssst lisia you rock

    Rols well done may your hikoi go well for you and keep connected as that is where your support will help you to push on through the hard times kia kaha
    2 days ago


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